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MRI: An Image
of Health Starlite Campaign

In the last 8 years the Starlite Campaign has raised over $800,000, improving healthcare throughout the East Kootenays. Because of the amazing generosity of donors like you, we have been able to improve the standard of care throughout the region and we are one step away from offering truly regional healthcare to each resident of the East Kootenay.

The final step is the addition of a permanent MRI at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital. Our 9th annual Starlite Campaign targets that final step by supporting the MRI: An Image of Health Campaign to bring this much need piece of diagnostic equipment to our region.

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, a radiation-free diagnostic test that has become standard in medical treatment. An MRI provides very detailed imaging that cannot be provided by other medical scan options, such as a CT scan. MRI exams are used for many different purposes including cancer diagnosis and treatment, trauma, neurological emergencies and imaging of children and pregnant women. As technologies evolve and MRI continues to replace older imaging techniques, it represents the future of Medical Imaging.

Why do we need and MRI?

At the moment, the East Kootenay Regional Hospital only has access to a mobile MRI unit for one week per month which, due to the demand for the procedure, creates a waiting list that ranges from eight months to over a year.  For patients requiring urgent exams, an option is to travel to Calgary or Kelowna whereby their out-of-pocket expenses are between $500 and $1000.

With the installation of a new and permanent MRI machine, the East Kootenay Regional Hospital can offer a standard of care like never before by reducing wait lists and the need to travel – but perhaps more importantly, patients can be diagnosed without delay, improving their chances of successful treatments.


What you can do to help

By giving a gift to the Starlite campaign you can help us bring an MRI to our region… which will see us take the final step in bringing truly regional healthcare to every resident of the East Kootenay. Helps us light a path to regional healthcare!


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Gifts at any level are gratefully accepted and will be accrued to light large and small “Community Stars”.  Once all the stars are lit, we will be $150,000 closer to the MRI: An Image of Health Campaign goal of $650,000.

Thank you for continued support to improve healthcare in our region and, by making a donation, helping us bring regional healthcare to the East Kootenay.

Cassandra Schwarz
Executive Director
East Kootenay Foundation for Health

P.S. If you wish to make a Starlite gift and designate it to another area of healthcare most meaningful to you, please indicate this on the attached donation card.

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Help us light a path to true regional healthcare for the East Kootenay.


Sjaane and Steph, MRI Technicians at East Kootenay Regional
Hospital eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new MRI.

MRI Exams per 1000 Population


BC offers among the worst access to MRI exams in the country,
with Interior Health lagging even further behind.